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Greetings and please join our Catholic faith community here in Udon Thani! 

The Catholic English Mass is celebrated Saturdays at 5:15 pm in the Capuchin Sisters’ Chapel on the site of the Cathedral of Our Mother of Perpetual Help. The Chapel is behind the Cathedral that is located next to Saint Mary’s School and across the street from Marko.    Directions

Parishioners, neighbors, guests and visitors, from near and far, are all welcome to attend and visit our church family’s spiritual home.  We are a global community and would be blessed to have you visit and participate as we celebrate the sacraments and share our love and devotion for Jesus Christ.



Serve and evangelize as the English-speaking Catholic faith community in Udon Thani and provide an English language Mass and sacraments for those not gifted to fluently speak Thai, especially, those living near and people traveling or vacationing in the area.  You are welcome to fully participate in the mass and hear the inspirational words of the readings and homily.  All are invited to attend our Saturday evening mass. 


English Mass:  Celebrated in the Capuchin Sisters’ Chapel on Saturday evening at 5:15 pm.

Please Note:  Participants are welcome to volunteer to read the First or Second reading.

Thai Mass is celebrated: 

Daily:  6:30 am in the Capuchin Sisters’ Chapel

Sundays:  8:00 am and 5:00 pm in the Cathedral

Any additional services will be announced under “Latest News” menu tab.


Reconciliation - Confession is available in English prior to Mass, please arrive about 4:45 pm.

Eucharist - Communion is celebrated under both forms, the body and blood of Christ.

For Baptism, Confirmation, Matrimony and Anointing of the Sick please contact the Parish office.

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